I am a Babcock Manager
Which meant going through the Mill,
Other people come and go
But they never learned the drill.

I dress quite well – a suit of course
So this can help me show
That I’m a Babcock Manager
In case you wouldn’t know.

The Directors are quite decent chaps
So there’s nothing there to fear
About the manner I have set
Of leading from the rear.

I like to have a longish lunch
From twelve to three or so
And when there are clients to treat
We really have a blow.

The canteen is out – a frightful hole
That’s only fit for ‘erks’
My motivation stops quite short
of working without perks.

So, all in all, there’s lots to gain
If one keeps the profile low,
And should things ever start to change
I’ll know it’s time to go.

June 1994